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What is System Hardening?

System hardening is the process of configuring an IT asset to reduce its exposure to security vulnerabilities. The attack surface is the sum of all the potential flaws and entry points that attackers can use to compromise a system.

More recent studies point to a 67% increase in the number of security breaches, with an estimated $945 billion in losses in 2020 from cybercrime.

What are the Benefits of System Hardening?

1. Greater System Security: Improved security posture is the goal of system hardening.

2. Improved System Efficiency: Experience a boost in infrastructure performance from patches, system updates, and disabling unnecessary processes.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings: Save money that would have been spent on disaster recovery efforts in the event of a breach.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Most governments have made it mandatory for organizations to comply with regulations based on data protection best practices.

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