What is Web Hosting? Explained With Pizza


What is web hosting? In this video, our very own Vikki explains what web hosting is with the help of a few pizzas. The result is an easy understanding of web hosting and your options.


Welcome back to the HostDime channel! My name is Vikki and we are here to help beginners understand the basics of web hosting.
All websites, including the one you are on now are hosted on a web server. A web server allows the documents and photos that make up a website to be displayed to the world. A server is much like the computer on your desk except that a server is much more powerful and has greater bandwidth to the Internet.
So now that you know you need web hosting what kind should you get?
We thought of a lot of analogies we could use to represent web hosting — but there’s only one can feed the hungry hostdimers — pizza! Let say that this pizza is a web server, and the box that protects it is kind of like the dimeNOC datacenter
The datacenter is where the server is stored and much like the pizza box protects this pizza, it’s the same with the datacenter protecting your server. It also keeps it at the right temperature and safely away from prying hands.
If you have a website that doesn’t have a lot of files or massive amounts of traffic, shared web hosting is right for you. Basically, shared web hosting means that there are multiple people on the server. Its sort of like a party pizza, when you slice it up, so you can do this for multiple people. This way, if you have plenty of people, you have plenty of pizza. So when you have a shared server, let’s just say this little part of the server is yours ok, to do with what you want. You can have your cat blog, you can have your gaming site, you can do whatever you want. So you are part of a bigger pizza, but this is the section that is yours.
So if you’re a reseller, it’s the same thing except for you control a larger part of the pizza. Even though they are individual sections, you can take these other sections and then you can re-sell those to other people. You can give them a pizza slice sized based on how much bandwidth and files that they have. When you become a reseller, that’s a nice way to make some residual income.
What happens if you have a bigger website that demands more bandwidth and needs more hard drive space. Well that is easy. You are going to get a Virtual Private Server, and what a Virtual Private Server can do for you, is it takes that very same pizza, but it makes it into larger slices more like you are used to when you are having family and friends over. This way, you get a much larger slice of the pizza, like so. Because you are on a Virtual Private server environment, you can take this slice of pizza, and you can do whatever you want to it. Sriracha!
So what happens when you are like the linebacker of the internet and you need a lot of space and a lot of bandwidth. Well it’s kind of like the linebacker from highschool, you need an entire pizza. What we call this is a dedicated server, which means that you get the whole pizza to yourself, no slicing, no dicing, it’s all you. Much like this one has green peppers and mushrooms on it as opposed to pepperoni, you can put whatever you want on it. Its your pizza to do whatever you want with, and still the protective box.
Then there is colocation, which is actually the same as a dedicated server except for you bring the pizza to us, and you put it in our box to make sure your pizza is safe and secure. I mean your server. Pizza, server, you know what I mean.
When you host your website at our secure data center, not only do we have a safe place to keep your server, but we also have an abuse and security team that makes sure nobody touches your server or your pizza.
Still confused? Our sales team can help. Simply go to hostdime.com and open a live chat. Thanks. You guys can eat the pizza now. This one’s mine.

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