What makes Magento the ecommerce platform of choice? UKFast Round Table

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What makes Magento the ecommerce platform of choice?

One of the biggest questions for any eCommerce site is how to convert more of your site visitors into new customers. Knowing how to optimise Magento is the key to unlocking this potential, but often businesses are unsure how. Having a Magento website that you aren’t optimising is like having a Ferrari that you can’t get past first gear.

This week’s round table was on the hot topic of Magento 2 and its impact on businesses who’ve spent considerable resources investing in Magento 1 but with no clear upgrade path to the next level of ecommerce hosting.

The attendees were:

• Tony Brown, Space 48
• Paul Casey, Photolink
• Ian Hammersley, Smartebusiness
• Gavin Lilley, GLS Media
• Pete Robertshaw, Better Bathrooms
• David Walter, Photolink and Little Black Dress

And the even was hosted by Jonathan Bowers for UKFast.

Duration: 3:11
Publisher: UKFast
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