When it’s time to choose hosting, there are several options available. Private cloud hosting offers a good option for several types of projects. It’s very popular in the SAP circles for example and provides a hosting option with plenty of benefits.

Before you jump into private cloud hosting, it’s a good idea to understand what it is and how it works. Let’s look closer at private cloud hosting and what it has to offer.

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Before you can understand what private cloud hosting is, you must first understand cloud computing. This type of hosting offers the ability to rent resources as needed. You’re probably families with public cloud options, such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

Cloud computing allows you to set up and run any type of website or app you desire. You don’t need to invest in hardware or deal with the maintenance of the servers.

A private cloud is much like a public cloud, but it’s private, of course. It comes with the same benefits of public cloud hosting but provides more flexibility for the resources allocated to your package. With private cloud hosting, you gain more control over the configuration and the security of the hosting as well.

Private cloud hosting offers both in-house and data center options. It’s common for businesses to choose private cloud hosting from a data center because it’s more cost-effective.

While server networks won’t be as large as a public server network, you will have more control over the resources. With private cloud hosting, you’ll gain access to multiple servers running simultaneous versions of your website.

Benefits of Choosing Private Cloud Hosting

You have plenty of hosting options available from shared web hosting to VPS hosting to dedicated server hosting. Before you decide, it’s smart to understand the benefits of private cloud hosting.

  • Better Security – Compared to public cloud hosting, you gain a significant upgrade in security with private cloud hosting. You won’t be sharing any of the resources, so you get to choose how the network is secured on many different levels.
  • More Customization – Again, it’s your cloud, so you can choose how it’s customized, too. As the only user, you can decide which server hardware works best, along with the operating system and the software you prefer.
  • Very Reliable – Private cloud hosting is some of the most reliable hosting on the market today. Downtime is incredibly rare and you won’t have to worry about your website going down due to the actions of another.
    One of the major reasons companies choose private cloud hosting is the ability to keep their website up during peak traffic times. With some types of hosting, if you go viral and receive a large amount of traffic, your website will likely go down. This may cost you new customers and profits.
  • Less Expensive – Yes, compared to public cloud hosting and other types of hosting, private cloud hosting is expensive. However, a study from 451 Research shows that the hidden costs of other types of hosting make private cloud hosting actually less expensive.

When you look at the total cost of ownership of a public cloud, it can be much higher than a private cloud. In addition, the ability to keep your website up when other types of hosting would cause it to crash might cost you huge.

HIPAA Compliant – Private cloud hosting offers a massive advantage for those needing HIPAA compliant hosting. When you need to meet regulatory compliance for any reason, a private cloud provides the right option.

For some companies, private cloud hosting is actually the only real option they can use. Due to specific compliance issues, you might not have the option to use public cloud hosting.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud Hosting

While you will certainly gain many benefits, private cloud hosting does come with a few disadvantages. It’s not the perfect choice for everybody as it can be more expensive than other types of hosting.

If you choose to buy private cloud hosting from a third-party provider, you will be paying for multiple dedicated servers to run your cloud network. The initial set up can be rather expensive, but so can upgrades, and management, especially if you decide to manage your own servers.

While security is significantly better with private cloud hosting, it can also cause issues for mobile and remote users. However, this is a good trade-off to make, if you require a higher level of security.

Which Type of Businesses Should Choose Private Cloud Hosting?

As said, private cloud hosting isn’t for everybody. Some businesses will do better with VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

Private cloud hosting will require more time, money, and resources to set up and to manage properly. However, you can choose a hosting provider to take out some of the management and set up work.

If you need a high performance, very secure, and very customizable hosting options, private cloud hosting is for you.

Many companies struggle with the decision between public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting. It may come down to your budget, but it may also come down to the level of security you desire. If you deal with sensitive information from customers or users, a private cloud hosting setup is probably a good choice for you. Any type of information requiring a high level of security fits well with the private cloud hosting option.

One of the main sectors using private cloud hosting today is the medical industry. Since they may need to remain HIPAA compliance, it’s important to gain excellent security and customization.

Any business with compliance concerns should consider private cloud hosting. It can also fit with those looking for a very flexible hosting environment. If you run many different applications, you may benefit from private cloud hosting.

Before you finalize your hosting decision, take the time to consider private cloud hosting. While it’s not the perfect hosting option for every company, it might be the exact solution you’ve been seeking.

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