What’s new about Dynamics 365

The big evolution for Dynamics 365 is that Microsoft is unifying all its business applications. Breaking down the silo’s of ERP and CRM. It will deliver a new Business Process-As-A-Service.

All the apps bring together the best of all of Microsoft’s ambitions across ERP and CRM through a deep integration with Office 365.

Ultimately, it’s converting them into those individual applications such Sales, Marketing, Finance, Project Service, Customer Services, Operations and Field Services.

Really what that does it really gives you a different set of advantages were now you have the ability to purchase applications that are purpose-built. You can continue to drive productivity from the integration with Office 365. You can take advantage of the intelligence that’s built-in across advanced analytics. You can adopt the solutions as your business grow as well.

So looking at specifically the difference between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, you can see here that before we had dynamics CRM now it’s broken in its individual modules. The rest of the Dynamics NAV, GP and SL and the balance of the Dynamics Portfolio will continue to exist as is.

Duration: 2:35
Publisher: SherWeb
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