Why Would you Need Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

What I like to do is actually focus on the sales aspect for Dynamics 365 and the benefits of that sales teams today can drive from adopting dynamics 365 for Sales.
Looking at the landscape today, one of the key things I want to talk about is clients value customer experience more than ever. To provide customer experiences that set your business apart, it’s really important that anyone on your sales team can easily access consistent, detailed knowledge of customer information and past interactions—all from one centralized location.
For example, think of the impression you have of a company when you call and have to keep repeating yourself each time you talk to a new sales rep. On the other hand, think of the experience of feeling that they really know you and are on top of your latest issues.
Here we’ll look at a couple of examples of how Dynamics 365 for Sales can help address these challenges…
Dynamics 365 for Sales makes it a lot easier for businesses to give sales staff access to complete, consistent customer information. This makes life easier for employees and offers a number of benefits to the business. For example…
¥ You can make information readily available to anyone on the sales team with familiar tools. For example, Dynamics 365 for Sales makes it easy to access customer information, and it works seamlessly with other familiar Microsoft applications like the Office 365 suite of tools, including Outlook and Skype for Business.
¥ You can make sure everyone on the sales team has a single source of the truth. A lot of companies have disjointed information—for example, maybe some customer information is written in someone’s day planner, and other data is on a colleague’s Excel spreadsheet, and more is in a report on the company server. With Dynamics 365 for Sales, it’s easy for employees to store and access the latest information in one place.
¥ You can give your sales staff the information they need to deliver personalized customer experiences, which goes a long way toward building customer loyalty. For example, with a complete view of the customers, employees can easily access a customer’s buying history and preferences. They can also provide a more personalized experience with information about family members or their birthdays.
Today, staying connected with customers is the key to building trust and long-term relationships. One big advantage of Dynamics 365 for Sales with Microsoft is that it extends familiar tools like Outlook to make keeping in touch with customers a seamless part of your sales team’s day-to-day activities. For example, everyone on your sales team can:
¥ Perform routine activities, like planning their day, reviewing customer information, and holding online meetings with colleagues in a few clicks.
¥ Use Outlook and Dynamics 365 for Sales together for scheduling customer meetings, keeping track of key milestones, and emailing customers to stay in touch.
¥ Engage customers in real-time with IM and online meetings in Skype for Business. This can really help your business stand apart by enabling sales and service employees to be more responsive and to maintain contact with customers.
So we’ve covered how Dynamics 365 for Sales doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you’re still on the fence, here are 3 reasons why you’ll be glad you got started now:
1. First, it’s easier than you think. Employees catch on quickly with easy, familiar tools. So they can immediately start getting the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales without the learning curve. And you don’t have to worry about installing new software and systems – it’s all done for you. And it’s all backed by Microsoft.
2. It’s affordable. Dynamics 365 for Sales is part of a family of products that let you add components at your pace with competitive pricing. And because it’s fully-managed and delivered in the cloud, there is no capital expense for servers and software. You just turn it on and pay a low monthly subscription.
3. It’s time to start getting the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales. Businesses who are up and running on Dynamics 365 for Sales never look back. They quickly realize gains in productivity and sales, and they have started down the path of building their competitive advantage by providing excellent customer experiences.

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