Wilcon Announces New Fiber Network Build Connecting Downtown Los Angeles and El Segundo

Wilcon, a U.S. West Coast provider of fiber optic and data center infrastructure, has expanded its fiber network with a new fiber ring connecting downtown Los Angeles and El Segundo, increasing the capacity of its Southern California infrastructure.

“Wilcon is recognized as having the densest network in the LA metro area,” said Reginald Scales, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Wilcon. “This move complements that strategy. In addition to a cluster of leading data centers in El Segundo, many large enterprise customers have chosen to put their corporate headquarters there. This is a strategic move to increase our network presence and enhance our offering to customers in this market.”

Los Angeles metro area

fiber-networkWilcon’s new fiber ring stretches 43 route miles and 22,000 fiber miles, creating diverse network access from downtown Los Angeles through Hollywood, Santa Monica and Burbank to the dense commercial district in El Segundo, including the multiple data centers there.

As a result, Wilcon is now connected to all major data centers in the Los Angeles metro area and over 50 data centers across southern California, enhancing its Internet and optical data service capabilities throughout the region.

“For companies looking to achieve high-capacity connectivity in El Segundo, we can take them there from anywhere in southern California,” said Rich Coyle, SVP of Network Operations at Wilcon. “With this unparalleled reach and diversity, we continue to distinguish ourselves in network density, deployment and vision.”