WiredTree Unveils Faster SSDs On Its Managed Dedicated Servers

WiredTree, a Chicago-based provider of dedicated servers and VPS hosting, has introduced new faster SSD storage across its range of managed dedicated server plans. The company is making the high-speed SSDs available as standard with new dedicated servers and additional drives.

For all new managed dedicated server hosting contracts and SSD storage volumes, WiredTree will replace the current Intel S3500 drives with Intel S3510 SSD drives, which are capable of writing up to 500 MB/s and reading up to 460 MB/s. Drives this fast can help improve site and database performance. 

intel-ssdWiredTree is also introducing optional enhanced SSD storage with write performance characteristics an order of magnitude faster than standard drives. The faster drives would be a good option for I/O heavy applications, giving clients the option to build database and file servers that can significantly increase site performance. 

For clients who need this extra performance, WiredTree is offering optional upgrades to Intel S3610 and Intel S3710 drives. This should bring a ten-fold performance increase on standard drives, according to WiredTree, making them perfect for use as dedicated database SSDs and for other applications where data I/O speeds are critical for performance.

Health Monitoring, Server Hardening 

“As a hosting company, we want our clients to have access to the best, the fastest, and the most advanced server technology on the market,” said Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “They depend on our technology to support their sites and businesses, and part the reason we are so trusted by our clients is their knowledge that they’ll always have the server components and support they need to stay competitive.”

WiredTree’s managed dedicated servers incorporate Intel Xeon E3 and E5 CPUs, SuperMicro motherboards, upgraded SSD drives, and full root access as standard. Dedicated server plans also include WiredTree‘s support services, such as server health monitoring, proactive service monitoring, and ServerShield server hardening.

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