With Release 8.1, Sunbird Delivers Enhanced Zero-Configuration Analytics

Sunbird Software, a global provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, has released the newest Power IQ version to the general public. Sunbird’s pre-built visual analytics capabilities have been greatly expanded with Release 8.1.

Power IQ now includes a slew of new interactive charts and better navigation, making it simpler for data center administrators to derive meaningful insights from the power and environmental data they gather.

“Zero-configuration analytics is one of the key pillars of Sunbird’s second-generation DCIM strategy,” said Herman Chan, President at Sunbird Software. “With modern visual analytics built into Power IQ, we empower data center managers to quickly get the information they need for informed power capacity management.”

Compare Trended Data

Photo Herman Chan, President at Sunbird Software
“Zero-configuration analytics is one of the key pillars of Sunbird’s second-generation DCIM strategy,” said Herman Chan, President at Sunbird Software.

Customers may now compare data center parts to one another using new comparison analytics. To compare trended data, users may choose the series they wish to compare (i.e. data center, room, row, rack, rack PDU), a time period, and a minimum, maximum, or average reading. For example, a client may now graph the watts consumed by all racks in a data center over the course of a 24-hour period to see how much power each rack consumes and detect possible concerns.

New environmental analytics would make it simple to monitor temperature and humidity in data centers, floors, and rooms. Clients may observe how all temperature and humidity sensors relate to warning and critical thresholds by looking at trend charts. Customers may use this graphic to identify whether a hot spot is forming or if they are overcooling their data center in order to ensure uptime and efficiency.

Rack Level Monitoring

Customers can now see all of their sensors and their statuses in one easy-to-understand graphic at the rack level. They can see at a glance if there is a potential issue in any given rack with this chart. Clients may also compare their A-side and B-side PDU outlets outlet by outlet and view PDU data such as name, condition, current, power, and trend.

New rack PDU charts feature a three-phase balancing chart that shows the load on each phase in relation to your thresholds, as well as a rack PDU circuit breaker chart that shows the circuit breaker load in relation to capacity and thresholds. These graphs would assist clients in making smarter decisions, allowing them to boost productivity without risking downtime.

Device Level Monitoring

Clients can monitor the load of each device per outlet at the device level, making it easy to evaluate how the load is distributed over two or more power supply.

All new visual analytics are ready to use right away, with no setup necessary, and can be quickly exported as reports.

Sunbird Power IQ 8.1 contains a technological update that would vastly enhance usability. With a new multi-tab capability, customers may now work on many objects at the same time. With a new page layout that incorporates a new subpanel design, scrolling has been substantially reduced.

Additional upgrades and new features a security enhancement, improved bulk setup for Starline meters, auto-discovery of all outlets on Starline meters, and the ability to run natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS).