Data center solutions vendor Wiwynn has launched its latest Open19 server, SV6100G3 – featuring “advanced compute performance” based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus server specification. Leveraging Wiwynn’s expertise in open server and storage development for hyperscale data centers, SV6100G3 would provide an efficient data center and edge computing solution for operators of any scale.

A 1U double wide brick server, Wiwynn’s SV6100G3 server complies with the LinkedIn-led Open19 Project standard which defines a cross-industry common form factor applicable to EIA 19” racks. With the Open19 defined brick servers, cages and snap-on cables, operators can blind mate both data and power connections to speed up rack deployment and enhance serviceability.

“Wiwynn has extensive experience in open IT gears design to bring TCO improvement for hyperscale data centers,” said Steven Lu, Vice President of Product Management at Wiwynn. “We are excited to introduce the Open19 based SV6100G3 which assists data center operators of all sizes to benefit from the next generation high efficiency open standards with lower entry barrier.”

Cloud Hardware

By adopting the mass deployed open source cloud hardware specification of Microsoft’s Project Olympus, SV6100G3 would deliver advanced computing and network performance by featuring two Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family processors, up to 1.5TB memory and one OCP Mezzanine NIC. The combination of Open19 and Project Olympus assists data centers of any scale “to enjoy high efficiency and advanced open standards” with their existing EIA19” racks and lower entry barrier.

“As part of the Open19 platform portfolio, the integration and adoption of the Project Olympus motherboard to the Open19 platform form factor represent the Wiwynn technology innovation and community contribution,” said Yuval Bachar, Principal Engineer at LinkedIn. “This enables the Open19 community to have cloud-based, high end Olympus-based server as a foundational building block.”

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