Wiwynn Introduces Standalone Rack-Level Liquid Cooling Solution for OCP

Data center solutions vendor Wiwynn (TWSE: 6669), has introduced its standalone rack-level liquid cooling solution for Open Compute Project (OCP) server setups. The solution is addressing the growing demand of high-power consumption and compute density for cloud computing, AI and HPC.

Wiwynn’s advanced liquid cooling solution supports up to 36kW per rack and enables high power component usage at L10 level. The system utilizes the rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) to cool the liquid which transferred the heat of high-power components (CPU, GPU or ASIC) from cold plates. This design enables a standalone system that requires no extra facility coolant and infrastructure changes. It would allow data center operators to increase their adoption of high-power systems and enjoy efficient cooling with lower entry barriers.

“We have witnessed the power consumption of data center IT systems surging year over year for the flourish of cloud and AI applications,” said Dr. Sunlai Chang, Senior Vice President and CTO of Wiwynn. “We are proud to introduce our innovative standalone rack level liquid cooling solution. It assists data centers to face the challenge of increasing power density while requiring no infrastructure changes as well as providing enhanced serviceability and management.”

OCP Cooling Solutions

The rack-level cooling solution design will support the Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack Standard V3 (ORV3) spec and is backward compatible with OCP ORV2. Both existing and future OCP systems can benefit from this high efficiency cooling system. The blind mate quick disconnect (QD), easy assembling cold plate designs plus the independent rack level cooling control system would enhance serviceability and management.

“It’s great to work with our partner – Wiwynn to bring this novel liquid cooling solution into data centers with high cooling efficiency,” said Steve Mills, Mechanical Engineer at Facebook. “By leveraging Wiwynn’s development experience in OCP, the design will help expand ORV3 to higher power density applications and accelerate the adoption of liquid cooling in the open community.”

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