Global cloud-based website development platform, Wix, is partnering with Vodafone to support Vodafone customers in the United Kingdom building their online presence or online store.

Vodafone’s SMB customers in the UK can now sign up to Wix via the Vodafone Business Marketplace. Business customers in the UK are the first to benefit from this partnership.

“It’s essential that small businesses have the best possible digital tools if they’re going to survive this incredibly difficult period,” said Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK. “Our Marketplace puts these tools together in one place – with unique customer benefits. This partnership with Wix is another way we’re helping customers to launch and grow their business online.”

WixThe partnership is a key milestone for the newly launched Wix Channels initiative. This would help expand Wix’s global growth by enabling international service providers to sell Wix website subscriptions and business solutions directly to their customers. Partnerships such as this point to a larger trend of how service providers can better serve their SMB customers by providing “easy access” to a market-leading website development platform such as Wix.

“The new Wix Channels initiative is a significant opportunity for large global service providers like Vodafone to diversify the products offered to their customers,” said Anthony Scaglione, Executive Vice President of Wix Channels Global Sales. “It provides more capabilities to scale their growth with an online presence and e-commerce solution from a best in class platform.”

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

Vodafone customers can select a Wix subscription package that fits their needs, including launching a professional business website and adding online capabilities such as a store to sell products or online scheduling and appointment booking.

Users would benefit from exclusive online access to a technician who will guide them through the steps of setting up their websites. It includes choosing a domain name, a website theme and the initial website design via Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI), as well as training on website creation and maintenance.

“We are excited to bring Wix to the millions of small and medium sized businesses that count themselves as Vodafone customers today,” said Guy Karolizki, General Manager of Wix Channels. “The need for a comprehensive online presence has never been greater for SMBs, and Wix is the best solution to address these needs across the many countries Vodafone customers reside.”

Earlier this year, Wix started offering its website development platform in Turkey through a partnership with Türk Telekom. The telecommunications provider from Turkey now offers Wix subscriptions, including domain and web hosting packages, to current and new customers, such as entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers serving multiple sectors.

Photo by Albert Renn on Unsplash.