Woman Rock IT: Tech Girls Are Superheroes

In the third episode of Women Rock-IT we meet Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, a CEO, Entrepreneur, Editor, Author, Founder, and an advocate for diversity in IT.

Jenine runs her own business, well 3 actually, which is the last thing she ever thought she’d do. She studied at Uni to become an expert in understanding how people use technology and tried to combine this with a practical training for those who do research through her company Adroit Research.

Janine also founded a non-profit organization, Tech Girls Movement, to inspire young girls into tech careers. Through her non-profit, the search for the next Tech Girls Are Superheroes began!

Don’t miss our live broadcast of #WomenRockIT as we meet Jenine and the winners of the 2017 Tech Girls Are Superheroes.

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Duration: 41:23
Publisher: Cisco
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