WordCamp San Antonio Speakers Recap

Last week the Office Hours Hangout crew attended the first ever San Antonio WordCamp. On our next weekly hangout, we will share what we learned, and what we hope to see in upcoming WordCamp events.

Hangout 1-29-2015
WordCamp San Antonio Speakers Recap

Steven Villarreal – CloudU Marketing Education Sr. Strategist

WordCamp Overview (2:36)
Are you new to websites/Wordpress? (11:57)
CloudU WordPress Education (18:06)
Rackspace Fanatical Support (21:16)
Keynote with Brandon Kraft (22:38)
WordCamp talk with Drew Cox – Fire drills (29:41)
WordCamp talk with Anthony Burchell – caching with WP SuperCache (37:52)
WordCamp talk with Garret Heath – WordPress and blog content (42:11)
Other talks – Troubleshooting WP, DIY PR, and more… (47:14)
Wrap up – What do we want to see next year? (49:42)


Cloud U WordPress Learning Series

WordCamp SATX 2015 photos by Alan Bush

Bill Hertzing blog – WordCamp 2015 San Antonio

WordCamp 2015

Duration: 57:31
Publisher: Rackspace
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