WordPress 5.8 Released: Nearly 300 New Features and Updates

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WordPress version 5.8 has been released. The latest version is rolling out right now and is available to all publishers. The new release is titled ‘Tatum’, after Art Tatum – a pioneering jazz pianist. It’s a suitable name for this latest WordPress version because it’s jam-packed with brand-new features.

The following are the most significant changes and additions in version 5.8 of WordPress:

Manage Widgets with Blocks – The Block Widgets Editor and the Customizer now have the power of blocks. Users may now add blocks to widget locations around your site and preview them live in the Customizer. This offers up additional content creation options, including no-code micro layouts and a large library of core and third-party blocks.

Display Posts with New Blocks and Patterns – The Query Loop Block allows users to show posts based on parameters you specify, much like a PHP loop but without the coding. Create a portfolio or a page full of your favorite recipes by easily displaying posts from a certain category. Consider it a more advanced and powerful version of the Recent Posts Block. Plus, pattern recommendations would make creating a set of articles with the design you desire easier than ever.

Edit the Templates Around Posts – “Simply” activate a block theme or a theme that has opted in for this functionality to utilize the familiar block editor to alter templates that store the content. Using a familiar block editor, switch from editing posts to editing pages and back again. Within compatible themes, there are more than 20 new blocks.

Style and Colorize Images – Duotone filters may now be used to colorize and cover blocks of an image. Duotone can add a splash of color to designs and help users style photos (or movies in the cover block) to go in with an overall theme. The duotone effect would be similar to a black and white filter, however instead of black shadows and white highlights, users may choose own colors for the shadows and highlights.

Dropping support for IE11 – As of this version, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. This implies that users may experience difficulties operating their sites that may not be resolved in the near future. When still using Internet Explorer 11, users should upgrade to a more recent browser.

Adding support for WebP – WebP is a new picture format for the web that offers better lossless and lossy compression. WebP pictures are about 30% smaller on average than their JPEG or PNG counterparts, resulting in quicker and less bandwidth-intensive webpages.

Adding Additional Block Supports – WordPress 5.8 adds numerous additional block support flags and options to configure registered blocks, building on previously introduced block support in WordPress 5.6 and 5.7.