WordPress.com has launched an all-new version of its remote work collaboration tool, P2. They claim it to be the “secret sauce” behind Automattic’s 15-year success as a fully distributed company. With products including WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and Jetpack, Automattic has over 1,200 employees working from 77 countries. It’s the first time ever that P2 has been released as a standalone product for small and large teams to collaborate.

As the world has suddenly shifted to remote work, Automattic has seen an influx of interest in its distributed work best practices. That’s why the company has built a refined version of its team collaboration tool.

The latest version of P2 focuses on communication that is asynchronous, accessible across time zones, while allowing teams to organize plans, projects, and big picture ideas, communicating across the entire company. P2 would be a good companion to real-time tools like chat and videoconferencing.

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P2 can be used as internal blogs that move teams and organizations away from siloed email inboxes. It also helps minimize things “getting lost” in real-time chat. Teams working on any type of project together can write and post regular updates. Through comments on posts, teams can come to a consensus and decide together what to do next. They can share photos, videos, GIFs, and charts, or they can take a poll, and share quotes and summaries from the day’s work.

P2 can be more broadly used as external team blogs to organize communities and events.

P2 teams see updates on the web, via email notifications, and in the WordPress mobile apps. P2 would be the glue that gives a team an identity and coherence.

This current version of P2 is free for users, who can create as many P2 sites as they need. More premium features are coming soon.

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