Convesio, a WordPress hosting provider founded in 2018, has selected cybersecurity solutions provider SiteLock. Convesio offers a self-healing, autoscaling, Platform-as-a-Service. Through this partnership, Convesio will leverage SiteLock’s Patchman solution to “easily” secure its hosting infrastructure and maintain a healthy ecosystem for its customers.

SiteLock’s Patchman solution detects and patches security vulnerabilities as well as identifies and removes malware on all servers. The cybersecurity solution would ensure today’s most popular plugins and Content Management System (CMS) platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and WooCommerce, are as secure as their latest release.

Tom Serani
“Through our partnership with Convesio, they are now able to ensure their hosting environment is secure and their customers feel safe,” said Tom Serani, Chief Channel Officer at SiteLock. 

Patchman is designed to simplify security for hosting providers. Through its automated technology, Patchman would surgically patch known security vulnerabilities without breaking the website or dependencies. In addition, Patchman runs signature-based malware detection and full file cleaning to ensure servers are threat-free. By using Patchman, Convesio can create a safer and cleaner hosting environment for its end users.

“As part of our unique WordPress tech stack, Convesio is taking a proactive approach to improve security awareness and education for our customers, which provides them peace of mind that their data is secure,” said Tom Fanelli, CEO for Convesio. “With the addition of Patchman, Convesio can now patch WordPress security vulnerabilities and automatically remove malware when detected, allowing them to react quickly to any potential threats or issues.”

Secure WordPress Hosting

Through the addition of Patchman, Convesio intends to increase its role as a trusted advisor by providing an additional layer of security to protect its users. Along with helping provide its clients with a more secure environment, implementing Patchman would allow Convesio to increase business operational efficiencies.

A significant benefit of protecting the hosting ecosystem server landscape is reducing support call times, stated SiteLock. By automatically remediating threats before they cause business disruption, Convesio can save money and resources. Additionally, proactively taking care of security threats would improve customer satisfaction, helping to reduce churn.

“We are excited to partner with Convesio to help provide a more secure WordPress experience for their customers. For Convesio, providing features like security to protect their WordPress clients was paramount,” said Tom Serani, Chief Channel Officer at SiteLock. “Through our partnership with Convesio, they are now able to ensure their hosting environment is secure and their customers feel safe. By investing in a more secure hosting infrastructure, Convesio will ultimately drive business efficiency as well as an exceptional customer experience.”