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One of the most important aspects of your WordPress site is the ability to easily navigate through your pages, blogs, and other content. Today we are going to cover how to create and edit menus in WordPress, as well as another important part of your theme. The Widgets section.

Widgets are a huge part of customizing your theme. Widgets are features that you can toggle on or off for your site and are built into your theme. Common widget options might include search functions, sidebars, calendars, contact forms, and many more.

In this video you will learn:

The Menus Section

This is the section where you will be editing your current menus, as well as creating or deleting menus for your WordPress website.

Adding Pages to a Menu

Josh walks you through adding a page to your existing menu. He does this by adding the about page which we created last episode to his default menu.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

Even though we have one menu already, your site may need multiple configurations, and this can be accomplished by creating a new Menu with new settings.

Adding non-page items to a Menu

One of the coolest menu features of WordPress is the ability to add any link to your Menu. This could be a blog post or even an external link.

The Widgets Section

Even though the theme Josh is using is a bit limited when it comes to widgets, he shows you the power of this section by

Add Widgets to Your WordPress page

One of the cool things about widgets is that they are plug and play. Josh will walk you through how he set up his individual widget footers, and show you how to apply these changes to your WordPress website.

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – The Menus Section
01:45 – Adding Pages to a Menu
02:47 – Creating a New Menu
O3:20 – Adding Non-Page Items to a Menu
03:43 – The Widgets Section
04:21 – Adding Widgets to your Site
05:48 – Wrap Up

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