Workspace-as-a-Service Provider CloudJumper Acquires IndependenceIT

CloudJumper, a Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform provider, has acquired privately held IndependenceIT for an undisclosed sum of money. IndependenceIT is a provider of WaaS enablement software for automating the deployment of applications, data, and complete workspaces in the cloud.

CloudJumper is a company that markets its solutions exclusively through the channel, offering both white label and agency programs. Through the acquisition, CloudJumper has added cloud and hypervisor agnostic Cloud Workspace Suite software to its portfolio. The company would now deliver a comprehensive and well-integrated WaaS portfolio to IT service providers with features such as one-click WaaS deployment across private and public clouds (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS Cloud). According to CloudJumper, the combined synergy will drive increased margins, efficiency, and revenue opportunities for IT service providers globally.

Through the added functionality, CloudJumper is expanding what is possible in WaaS and cloud-based app enablement for SMBs and the enterprise. Now, their channel customers would have complete implementation flexibility and control over how applications and workspaces are configured across a public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure – to better control the costs of IT management. The expanded capabilities would also allow organizations to automatically migrate from third-party VDI, DaaS, or WaaS platforms to the CloudJumper solution suite.

Cloud Automation

“Businesses today are under pressing demands to deploy IT in ways that optimize agility, productivity, and security,” said JD Helms, president of CloudJumper. “The acquisition will empower CloudJumper to deliver the most complete solution portfolio on the market and address these challenges head-on. With this innovative complement, CloudJumper will provide new perspectives on the digital transformation of business, strengthening and streamlining all aspects of client computing systems and management.”

Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software would take a vendor-agnostic approach to cloud infrastructure automation and management, allowing service providers and enterprise IT administrators to more easily execute a multi-cloud strategy while reducing the time and resources required to build and deploy solutions. The advantages in workload scheduling and scaling would allow service providers to drive efficiency and margin expansion at the data center layer.

Cloud-based Workspace

“We welcome the entire IIT team to the CloudJumper family as we are committed to driving Cloud Workspace Suite software innovation, enhancements, and leadership forward,” added Mr. Helms. “The combined entity provides full workspace and application lifecycle management for IT service providers with everything from initial network discovery and on-boarding, to billing and customer support. The continued evolution of this powerful platform will drive new opportunities for both our partners and the industry at large.”

Cloud Workspace Suite software currently underpins CloudJumper’s Workspace as a Service delivery platform. The software is also used by IT service partners globally to deliver workspaces in the cloud. The solution would allow for easy IT migration, while able to scale to any size environment. It would also be full-featured to provide a complete cloud-based computing environment. In support of cloud-based IT initiatives, CloudJumper’s new technology portfolio would offer IT channel partners and their customers better control and access to the applications, data, and computing platforms that drive business. Partners have the ability to select their preferred cloud infrastructure vendor and can customize the service to meet a broad range of business performance, security, and compliance requirements.