Worried About Application Performance? Cache It! (Next '19 Rewind)

In-memory caching is a common architectural pattern used to speed up application performance. As easy as it sounds, storing and accessing data from in-memory stores have challenges. How do you size your cache for the optimal cache-hit ratio? What APIs should I use to solve a specific use case? How do I troubleshoot when there is a latency problem? With Cloud Memorystore, we make it easy to deploy and operate an in-memory store that is fully compatible with Redis. In this video, learn how to effectively use Cloud Memorystore to speed up your application.

Build with Google Cloud → https://goo.gle/30COluI

Check out the full session → https://goo.gle/2JOM74F

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Original Speakers: Gopal Ashok, Karthi Thyagarajan
Rewind by: Gabe Weiss

Product:Cloud Memorystore for Redis,Cloud SQL; fullname:Gabe Weiss;

Duration: 2:53
Publisher: Google Cloud
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