WP Engine Launches New Managed WordPress Hosting Plans and Atlas Blueprints

Atlas, WP Engine’s award-winning headless WordPress solution, is now available to businesses of all sizes with four new headless Managed WordPress hosting plans. It would allow developers to study, build, and grow their sites on Atlas.

WP Engine also announced the launch of Atlas Blueprints. These are free, professionally designed starter WordPress websites allowing anyone to get started fast with headless WordPress. Developers may also get a free Atlas Sandbox account, which allows them to learn more about creating with headless WordPress and create prototype applications.

Atlas from WP Engine is a comprehensive headless WordPress platform. It would enable considerably quicker dynamic webpages while maintaining the flexibility and security that headless solutions provide.

Photo Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO at WP Engine
“The WordPress industry’s reaction to our Atlas launch last year was nothing short of amazing,” said Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO at WP Engine.

Atlas would delight both developers and content publishers by combining the customer’s preferred contemporary development framework, strong front-end Node.js hosting, and headless WordPress in a single package.

“We created Atlas because it allowed developers to use the modern frameworks they prefer and build personalized, omnichannel experiences integrated with back-ends at the speed normally reserved for static brochure sites,” said Jason Cohen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at WP Engine. “The WordPress industry’s reaction to our Atlas launch last year was nothing short of amazing. In talking with our customers around the world, we found there was a strong desire to learn more about headless WordPress, provide an easy onramp to using it and make it available to brands and agencies everywhere, regardless of their size or budget.”

“Developers are tinkerers, always pushing the boundaries, finding new ways to harness the power of WordPress,” added Mr. Cohen. “Most have extensive WordPress and PHP experience and are looking to work in more API-centric and headless web engineering. With the launch of our new Atlas plans, Atlas Blueprints and Atlas Sandbox, we are enabling more developers and marketers to try out headless WordPress and build amazing, powerful, secure sites faster than ever before and scale them as their business grows.”


By harnessing all of WordPress’ content-creation capability while making it simple to execute on the front end with JavaScript and other current web techniques, Atlas would open up a world of possibilities. Developers and marketers may obtain the security, stability, and performance needed to engage audiences with their stories or goods today, as well as the control they’ll need for updating and evolving content future, with autonomous page editing.

WP Engine is introducing four new Atlas plans to assist Atlas meet the demands of all types of headless WordPress sites. These new plans complement Atlas’ current services for enterprise developers and agencies with high-traffic websites. These programs would cover everything from startups to large corporations.

WP Engine Atlas Blueprints

Many developers prefer headless WordPress because of the extra security and flexibility it provides, as well as the ability to swiftly design a beautiful site. Atlas Blueprints includes pre-installed headless WordPress publishing plugins as well as a React-based front end that is pre-configured for WordPress data fetching, routing, and searc. It would allow users to build a fully functional headless WordPress website in under 5 minutes.

WP Engine’s headless products, such as WPGraphQL, Faust.js, and Atlas Content Modeler, are used in Atlas Blueprints, which are professionally developed. Local or a free Atlas Sandbox account can be used to deploy blueprints. It may also be used to learn about headless development, quickly establish a prototype project, or even launch a live site.

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