WSM Announces Beta Release of Browser-Based Tool that Estimates Time and Cost for Moving Workloads to Cloud

WSM International, a provider of cloud and server migration services, has released a beta version of its new Cloud Catalyst workload assessment tool. The new tool would help IT staff determine the time and costs associated with moving workloads out of the data center to the cloud, or from cloud to cloud.

Cloud Catalyst shortcuts the time-consuming and laborious manual work that is typically required to determine what is involved in a workload migration project. As fully-automated software that is accessed using a web browser, Cloud Catalyst would remove a major roadblock for enterprises looking to migrate workloads, as well as the service providers that deliver hosted computing infrastructure for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or proprietary public/private clouds.

cloud hostingThe browser-based cloud workload assessment tool would provide an intuitive graphical user interface that delivers instantly-actionable information, including a full inventory of all hardware, software, databases, APIs and all other aspects of an IT environment using a secure, encrypted, agentless discovery process. After securing proper permissions, the service would be able to easily gather information on any number of servers – from one to several hundred.

Cloud Catalyst was developed to be user-friendly for non-technical users, yet it would allow much more in-depth discovery for more technical users with reports that range from a quick, top-level snapshot of all IT assets to a deep dive of everything including software and service version numbers, amount of data consumed by specific IT assets, port usage and other key information.

WSM’s Cloud Catalyst assessment tool can be leveraged by enterprise IT departments or a hosting provider as a sales enablement tool. It would help them significantly reduce the time required to provide a proposal to a prospective client. In addition, with the ability to quickly get a full snapshot of customer’s digital assets, managed hosting providers can provide services and solutions that are custom-tailored to their customer’s workloads.

“The first issue when considering the transition of workloads off-premises, or to the cloud or between clouds, is understanding what is involved and what the costs will look like when the transition is completed,” said Ryan Pelerin, CEO of WSM. “That is exactly what our automated software does, which is built using our experience over more than a decade of successfully migrating tens of thousands of workloads for customers big and small. Now, any organization will have a very clear view of the costs and requirements associated with any planned migrations.”

Multiple simultaneous assessments can be performed using WSM Cloud Catalyst, which is “error and fault-tolerant” in the event of a service disruption. Also, security and privacy of all information would be assured through:

  • Encryption of all data using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Data Encryption Standard (DES) keys;
  • Encrypted server passwords that are never stored;
  • Two-factor authentication required for signing into the portal.
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