WSO2 Announces Platform-Wide Support for GDPR with New Product Release

wso2WSO2’s Spring 2018 Release includes new features and updates across all products, solutions, and services, which together would empower organizations to rapidly comply with GDPR.

Time is running out to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect 25 May 2018. Mandated by the European Parliament and European Union (EU) Council, the regulation is aimed at harmonizing data privacy laws across Europe to protect all data belonging to citizens and residents.

As a result, it affects any enterprise that conducts business in or with EU markets. According to WSO2, in addressing GDPR’s requirements, organizations have an opportunity to set the stage for new digital business models that drive revenues and growth. To support these enterprises, WSO2 has announced its Spring 2018 Release update, featuring product developments designed to offer platform-wide support for GDPR.

Among these features and updates are additions to WSO2’s identity access management (IAM), API management, enterprise integration, and analytics offerings designed to ensure the security and privacy of personal data throughout the processes of collection, processing, storage, and destruction.

GDPR Compliance

“In today’s global economy, avoiding the GDPR data privacy mandate isn’t an option. It will impact every organization worldwide that wants to engage with European residents online,” said Tyler Jewell, CEO of WSO2. “With our Spring 2018 Release, we are delivering the integrated products and services that will empower enterprises to comply with GDPR in as little as 60 days while laying the groundwork to deliver new digital products based on secure GDPR-compliant data.”

In addition to the new product capabilities, WSO2 is offering a series of seven webinars to help organizations accelerate their GDPR compliance. To learn more about the GDPR implementation best practices covered in the webinars, one can visit their webinar web page.