XBT Holding Launches SecureVPN.com

XBT, the company that paid almost $1 million for domain names Datacenter.com, DDoS.com and Servers.com, has announced the launch of SecureVPN.com – a US-based VPN service provider that would enable Internet users to improve their privacy and security.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SecureVPN is an international online security procurement company. One of the company’s main strengths would be the internally engineered apps for all popular mobile and PC platforms. This provides users with the ability to enjoy all VPN features with one click. SecureVPN relies heavily on military grade 256-bit VPN data encryption, a technology that is also used by banks and other high security-reliant organizations.

xbt-holdingSecureVPN has an option to mask and displace IPs. Hiding the IP address prevents tracking and identity recognition. The service allows customers to connect to SecureVPN’s servers abroad giving their IP the properties of the foreign server. In terms of service delivery, SecureVPN offers free basic accounts with an option to upgrade to a premium service.

“We stay on course towards our long-term goal to make the process of delivering quality services as intuitive as possible,” said XBT’s CFO, Rajesh Kumar Mishra. “Starting SecureVPN should not be a surprise as online safety is a natural extension of the holding’s other services. We are certain that adding this new branch will be beneficial and will result in new levels of operational quality.”

XBT Holding Ltd. is a privately-owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries. XBT’s subsidiaries include ColocateUSA, Universal CDN, and Webzilla while its hosting solutions include managed dedicated hosting, colocation, shared and VPS hosting, cloud hosting and application development services.

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