Xe.works Selects Leaseweb’s Dedicated Servers to Host Global AdTech Network

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Global media firm Xe.works, a company that buys and sells digital advertising space for websites and mobile apps, has chosen Leaseweb as its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider for their global advertising technology network serving clients in the United States, Europe, Israel and the Asia-Pacific region.

Xe.works is a digital advertising platform that uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology to enable the automated auction-based purchasing and selling of web ad impressions. Multiple advertisers can bid on a publisher’s ad inventory in real time, with the complete transaction lasting milliseconds. Even a few seconds of system slowness might result in a poor user experience and revenue loss for the company.

Xe.works needed a hosting partner who could provide a highly stable and readily scalable infrastructure solution because of the quick pace and large volume needs of RTB. Leaseweb’s dedicated servers were chosen because they allow the firm to personalize its services and have access to Leaseweb’s extensive data center coverage, which would be critical as it aims to expand its business abroad.

Support for Provisioning, Backup, Recovery

“Leaseweb has proven to be an essential partner for our business, providing us with the technology and support we need and the data center coverage we expect,” said Dan Areshkovych, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Xe.works. “Utilizing the additional resources of Leaseweb’s dedicated server solution has enabled us to process more orders in less time, significantly improving our performance and giving us a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Each Leaseweb dedicated server is custom-built to meet an organization’s specific requirements including those set by Xe.works. During campaigns, Xe.works requires a high degree of support for provisioning, backup, and recovery, as it must manage millions of requests per day from its global client base. Leaseweb’s support skills have proven to be a valuable addition to Xe.works, allowing the firm to focus on its core operations while also letting its own IT staff to be more proactive and responsive.

Xe.works recognized that in order to serve its customers the most timely and impactful advertising opportunities, it needed its infrastructure to be not only reliable, but properly sized and optimized to meet current and future demand,” said Brian Sullivan, Account Manager at Leaseweb.Leaseweb’s enterprise-class solutions and customer-focused approach have helped power Xe.works’ business, and we are honored to be their provider of choice as they continue to scale their growing platform.”