Xen Project Hosts Its Annual Developers Summit in Nanjing Jiangning, China

The Xen Project, an open source virtualization platform licensed under the GPLv2 with a similar governance structure to the Linux kernel, will host its fifth annual Xen Project Summit in Nanjing Jiangning, China from June 20 -22, 2018. The summit in China focuses on the latest developments and continued collaboration around the open source hypervisor.

xen-project-summit-chinaThis is the fifth annual Xen Project Summit with sessions focusing on performance testing, unikernels, security, embedded, automotive, hardware and more. The Xen Project Summit brings together developers, engineers, and Xen Project power users for in-person collaboration and educational presentations. The program and speakers for the summit can be found here: Xen Project Developer and Design Summit.

“This is the one time a year the Xen Project community and user base can come together to understand what is currently happening within the project and to discuss the next phase forward,” said Lars Kurth, chairperson of the Xen Project Advisory Board. “Having an event like this is essential for open source communities, and a great place for us to continue to plan for the future.”

Best Practices, Collaboration, Product Roadmap

This event features presentations on the latest developments, best practices, collaboration, product roadmap updates, and future planning from developers and users who are leading the way in server density, hardware, automotive, cloud and enterprise security.

In addition to panels and presentations, the Xen Project will be running design sessions that share a similar format to Xen Project hackathons. Attendees of the conference have the opportunity to propose design sessions during the conference. Current design topics include Making Safety Certifications for Xen Easier, From Hobbyist to Maintainer: Why and How and Reworking x86 in Xen (Current and Future Plans).

Confirmed speakers at the Xen Project Summit include

  • Lars Kurth – chairperson of the Xen Project and director of open source at Citrix, will open the conference with a weather report on the Xen Project that includes progress and achievements for the year and areas needing improvement.
  • Sung-Min Lee – principal engineer at Samsung Electronics, will present a production-ready automotive virtualization solution with Xen. The demo will explain key requirements needed for performance effective graphic rendering and performance for ARM-based automotive systems.
  • Marek Marczykowski-G√≥recki – senior systems developer, Invisible Things Lab, will present on linux-based device model stubdomains in Qubes OS.
  • Julien Grall – senior software virtualization engineer at Arm, will share capabilities that were added to the latest revision of the ARmv7-A architectures and how Arm has been improving virtualization support with incremental versions of the Armv8 architecture.
  • Felipe Huici – chief researcher at NEC, and Florian Schmidt, research scientist at NEC, will co-present on Unikraft, a sub-project of the Xen Project aimed at automating the process of building customized unikernels tailored to a specific applications. The goal of the project is to simplify the process of making unikernels to bring this OSes benefits to market faster.
  • Bo Zhang – business analyst at Huawei, will introduce Huawei Cloud’s optimization on the Xen platform to solve regular problems that occur in customer scenarios.

To view the full event schedule, please head here.

The Xen Project is currently used by more than 10 million users and powers some of the largest clouds in production today. It is the base of commercial virtualization products from Citrix, Huawei, Inspur and Oracle, and security solutions from Qubes OS, Bromium vSentry, A1Logic, Bitdefender, Star Lab’s Crucible Hypervisor, Zentific and Dornerwork’s Virtuosity.