XKL DQT400 12-port Optical Transponder Now Available

XKL - 12Port

The DQT400 12-port optical transponder from XKL, a global manufacturer of optical networking solutions and DWDM systems, has been released and is now offered in all markets. When compared to the company’s first DQT400 4-port launch, which was unveiled in 2022, this 12-port extension module would triple capacity.

As the use of data-intensive applications continues to increase, data centers, network service providers, enterprises, and other data-centric organizations are approaching the 100G network boundaries, according to XKL. To solve this problem, the new DQT400-12 would offer businesses who are expanding or creating new facilities to fulfill capacity requirements with a quick, scalable, and dependable solution that can accommodate both short-term and long-term network bandwidth requirements.

“We are consistently seeing data centers and enterprises nearing their 100G limits as the use of data intensive applications continues to grow. As a result, customers are looking for solutions that can help them meet today’s needs while preparing for tomorrow’s increased demand,” said Len Bosack, founder and CEO of XKL. “To help customers address these needs, our team has worked hard to develop the DQT400 12-port optical transponder, which provides customers with an easy-to-install, scalable and reliable solution to support 100G and 400G deployments.”

Reduced Power Consumption

With no licensing costs, XKL solutions give customers the freedom to use 100G and/or 400G services. Clients can choose between 48 100GE services, 12 400GE services, or a mix of 100GE and 400GE services, resulting in up to 4800GE of capacity across the optical transponder, with the DQT400-12.

Users would gain from the DQT400-higher 12’s density as well as its reduced power consumption, which is anticipated to be 0.1 Watts (W) per Gb, which is lower than the industry average.

The system also provides 19.2Tb of capacity in just five rack units, which can minimize the overall footprint when stacking the systems. According to XKL, the DQT400-12 achieves a 48-channel solution using just 5U (rack units) as opposed to 13U, saving nearly three times as much space and power while also enhancing capacity and scalability.

The XKL DQT400-12 is based on the XKL DarkStar design and is a member of the XKL transponder product line. The DQT400 suite would provide next-generation technology based on current best practices for optical networking and capacity management, drawing on the technical knowledge of XKL founder Len Bosack. The transponders can be used for 100G services today and are soft configurable for 400G to support ever-increasing data and bandwidth demand.

If purchased along with the DR4 client optics, soft adjustable capabilities would guarantee no downtime or hardware adjustments. With a distributed design, capacity can be extended effortlessly and as needed. XKL’s suite is very simple to integrate, according to the company.