Xplenty Reaches New Milestone, Processes More Than One Petabyte of Hadoop-Facilitated Data

Xplenty, a big data processing platform powered by Hadoop that recently raised $3 million in funding, has announced a new benchmark since making its big data processing technology directly available to customers in the United States. Since its U.S. rollout last October, Xplenty has executed half a million Hadoop-facilitated data jobs totaling more than one petabyte of data.

Xplenty allows organizations to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics both on the cloud and on-premise, without any Hadoop expertise or background writing code. By providing Hadoop processing in a coding and jargon-free environment, Xplenty would ensure businesses to quickly and easily benefit from the opportunities offered by big data without having to invest in hardware, software, or related personnel.

hadoop-hosting“The interest we’re seeing can be attributed to several factors,” said Yaniv Mor, CEO and co-founder of Xplenty. “First, Hadoop is scaling very quickly. As a result, it’s driving overall adoption of Hadoop-based technology, like Xplenty. However, Hadoop’s scale is creating challenges related to personnel, with some businesses struggling to find the talent needed to use it. Xplenty solves that, by requiring no previous Hadoop expertise. It’s coding-free, with no Hadoop jargon. It’s the perfect solution for new adopters.”

AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace

Xplenty users do not need to know how to use Hadoop to use the platform, making data processing accessible for everyone in an organization. Taking the complexity out of Hadoop has grown increasingly important. The global Hadoop market will grow 58 percent over the next six years, with companies set to invest more than $50 billion in Hadoop during that time.

However, in conjunction with Hadoop adoption, the U.S. will face a peak shortage of data scientists by 2018, making it especially challenging to build expert data teams to manage Hadoop initiatives in-house. As a cloud-based Hadoop platform, Xplenty seeks to solve these problems.

“In addition to ease-of-use, we focus on processing data, which has proven to be the biggest challenge for businesses trying to make sense of their raw data for analytics,” added Mor. “Up to 80 percent of data handlers spend their time cleaning up data -essentially being ‘data janitors.’ With Xplenty, however, you can be up-and-running within a matter of minutes and focus efforts on identifying insights instead of preparation.”

Xplenty is fully supported across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon (AWS), Rackspace, and IBM’s SoftLayer. Its multi-platform functionality would enhance flexibility, allowing users to import data from wherever it may be stored, then process and prepare it for analysis with BigQuery, Redshift, and more.