XTIVIA Partners with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Provider Latisys to Deliver “Top of Stack” Application Support

XTIVIA, a managed IT services provider, with offices in NY, NJ, TX, CO, MO and consultants across the U.S., has announced a partnership with Latisys, an international provider of hybrid cloud hosting and data center solutions. XTIVIA’s inclusion in Latisys’ ecosystem of support partners enables them to deliver added value to their infrastructure services suite, specifically around “top of stack” application support.

Latisys sought an experienced enterprise technology partner with a wide breadth of IT consulting services as well as deep experience in database management and administration.

latisys-data-centers“Top of stack” application and database support often requires unique expertise. XTIVIA delivers that expertise across many of the most popular DB platforms – including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and Informix – all while utilizing an entirely U.S.-based team of database professionals.

“We wanted a firm with a proven track record of scale and operations excellence running at full speed in a 24x7x365 environment,” said Christian Teeft, Latisys CTO. “The ability to support customers across the U.S. was also critical.”

U.S. Data Centers

“While the immediate need centered on growing customer demand for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL and Hadoop, XTIVIA brings the experience, certifications, flexibility and agility to adapt to the changing demands of our customer base,” added Teeft. “And because Latisys and XTIVIA already share common clients, we had first-hand knowledge of just how good XTIVIA was – making the selection easy.”

With a Cloud-Enabled Systems Infrastructure (CESI) deployed across high-density data centers located throughout the U.S. and now in the U.K., Latisys enables multi-site redundancy, backup management and secured disaster recovery – even for cloud hosting based environments.

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