Xunlei Receives China CDN License From Chinese Government

Xunlei Limited (Nasdaq:XNET), a cloud-based bandwidth acceleration technology company in China, has announced that its cloud computing subsidiary, Shenzhen Onething Technologies, has received a National Content Delivery Network (CDN) Business Operating License from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

Xunlei’s Nebula CDN is a “new generation” of CDN built upon the company’s proprietary distributed cloud computing technology. Xunlei intends to leverage redundant computing power and bandwidth shared by Internet users, creating an ecosystem that provides cloud computing resources to enterprises “at a lower cost than the average industry price level.”

Xunlei’s CDN customers are in sectors such as live streaming, online gaming, mobile applications, online videos, and intelligent hardware.

“Prior to receiving the national CDN license, the company was qualified to provide CDN services in selected provinces and cities in China,” said Mr. Lei Chen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Xunlei. “Now under the terms of the new license, Xunlei is qualified to offer its CDN solutions to enterprises in all parts of China. We believe this official recognition will elevate our service capacity from being regional to national in China. And our goal is to become a major player in the global cloud computing industry through our sharing economy model.”