XXL Hosting Selects marketgoo to Add SEO Tools to Its Web Hosting

Wences García, CEO at marketgoo
“XXL Hosting and marketgoo share this aim of guiding and educating users. We are excited about the opportunity to help XXL’s customers reach new heights,” said Wences García, CEO at marketgoo.

Web hosting company XXL Hosting, a web hosting provider from the Netherlands with more than 8.000 customers and 35.000 domains hosted, is now offering an SEO Toolkit powered by Search Engine Optimization tools supplier, marketgoo.

The SEO Toolkit from XXL Hosting powered by marketgoo would allow XXL Hosting clients to develop their businesses by optimizing their websites for more traffic and higher search ranks.

“XXL Hosting is more than just a hosting provider. We want to help our customers to succeed and grow online,” said Sander Cruiming, Founder and CEO of XXL Hosting. “That’s why we offer more than just hosting and domains: value added services around performance, security and marketing can accelerate the online success of our customers. We are happy to partner with marketgoo as the best-in-class SEO solution, that is a perfect fit for our customers. Just a few months after launching the SEO tool to market, we have already more than 30 happy customers using it!”

No Prior SEO Skills Required

Customers of XXL Hosting may now do full SEO audits, obtain website assessment reports, and act on “easy-to-understand” results and directions to aid their online performance.

The marketgoo-powered SEO Toolkit from XXL Hosting is accessible as a web application. it would require no prior SEO skills to utilize. It can be a match for any sort of website, whether new or more established websites.

The application continually analyzes users’ websites, producing frequently updated website reports with improvement potential and a bespoke website improvement plan with prioritized activities and step-by-step instructions. Users may make the modifications they need on their website without having to hire expensive consultants or agencies since the tool guides them through all of the procedures. This SEO Toolkit is now available for all XXL web hosting packages.

Features of the XXL Hosting’s SEO Toolkit powered by marketgoo include:

  • User friendly, step-by-step search engine optimization plan
  • Tools and recommendations focused on increasing sites’ quality traffic and inbound links
  • Analytics to help track of results over time
  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitor tracking
  • Mobile and Speed Optimization and improvements
  • Monthly SEO reports

“XXL Hosting stood out to us with their 20-plus years experience in accompanying their customers on their online journey and helping them be successful,” said Wences García, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at marketgoo. “We share this aim of being more than just a provider, but actually guiding and educating users, and are excited about the opportunity to help XXL’s customers reach new heights.