Yahoo! JAPAN Selects Apache Hadoop Company Hortonworks for their Enterprise

Yahoo! JAPAN will launch a comprehensive data center platform based on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), building one of the largest Hadoop clusters in Japan. In addition, Yahoo! JAPAN will engage in deep joint engineering with Hortonworks, ultimately contributing back to the Apache Software Foundation community to strengthen Hadoop’s performance and functionality.

hadoop-cloud-hosting-hortonworksYahoo! JAPAN is a leading internet company in Japan, with significant market share in search, auction, shopping, news, travel reservations, and many more areas. Yahoo! JAPAN will build the next generation of its existing and new products with HDP as the core infrastructure of its multi-thousand node data center platform. This architectural shift is expected to significantly improve Yahoo! JAPAN’s ROI, data capacity and processing performance for next generation web businesses.

“The complexity and volume of the high frequency and highly variant types of data facing us is very difficult to handle,” said Motohiro Koma, Vice President, Data Solutions at Yahoo! JAPAN. “We understand that this is challenging unexplored territory, and we have chosen Hortonworks as a partner because we value their open source model and leadership. Our partnership not only provides our engineering teams with the latest functionalities of the Apache Hadoop community, but also provides the opportunity for Yahoo Japan to be contributors ourselves. Based on this cooperative development, we can integrate into our sites the product of our cooperation with Hortonworks‘ world-class engineers, and together create an extraordinary problem-solving engine.”