In the most recent update of its platform, YellowDog, a provider of cloud native workload management software, has revealed the notion of Meta Scheduling. Meta Scheduling is a task submission system that may coordinate various heterogeneous clusters from third parties. Users can establish and manage dynamically scaled compute clusters that are powered by a range of technologies and schedulers.

Meta Scheduling allows the YellowDog Workload Manager to manage a large queue of work and describe the configuration and kind of nodes required to complete it via templating. It orchestrates and pushes workloads to these nodes once they’ve been defined. By applying configuration to the worker nodes at particular points in the lifecycle, YellowDog offers flexible event-driven configuration management.

On individual nodes, templated configuration can be delivered using scripts or tools like Ansible. The most common use case is to create loosely or tightly coupled computing clusters, although sidecars like file and DNS servers can also be deployed for the cluster to use. After the job has been completed, the cluster can be dynamically scaled up or down for other tasks, or the instances can be quickly terminated.

About Meta Scheduling

With Meta Scheduling, businesses can benefit from a single view on cost and department consumption across applications.

In both hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios, users can build economically feasible compute clusters at scale, and several clusters can be formed at the same time to help customers overcome on-premise capacity limits. Fundamentally, Meta Scheduling allows enterprises to use a variety of familiar technologies and procedures while taking use of the YellowDog Platform’s intelligent provisioning tactics.

Founded in 2015 in Bristol, UK, YellowDog helps businesses scale across the cloud. The YellowDog Platform is a smart, cloud-native workload management and provisioning system that is utilized for a variety of applications all around the world. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud are among YellowDog’s cloud partners.