Your Laravel Questions Answered! Pt 2 – Advanced Laravel

Developer Advocate, Chris Sevilleja, has recorded plenty of Laravel tutorials for DigitalOcean…and with lots of tutorials, has come lots of questions from the community in the Comments Section. In part 2 of this series, Chris is back in the hot seat…this time, answering some of the more advanced (and difficult) questions from his Laravel tutorials.

The Agenda of Questions:
00:00 – Intro
00:14 – What tool are you using to view your api-name.test in the browser?
01:43 – For fillable, do you always have to put every column?
03:12 – You could shorten creating model, API controller and migration in the command like this: php artisan make:model Post -cma
04:27 – As a backend developer, I have to create APIs so frontend and mobile developers can access the database, right?
04:57 – What are the differences between Passport and Sanctum?
06:58 – Is it possible to have an API Guard check a model different than the User model?

Links to the DigitalOcean tutorials where the above questions were raised can be found here:
Creating a Laravel API –
Authenticating a Laravel API –

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