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Websites aren’t something you create once and then you’re done. You need to continue caring for them and do ongoing website maintenance to ensure they continue to do the job you need them to do.

Once you’ve built your website and it’s up and running, make note of a few main web maintenance tasks that you need to remember to do moving forward.

To help you out, we’ve organized these tasks by how often you should perform them: yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly.

00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – Annual Maintenance
01:34 – Quarterly Maintenance
02:05 – Monthly Maintenance
02:55 – Weekly Maintenance
03:28 – Wrap Up

Annual Maintenance:
1. Perform User Testing.
2. Check Your Domain Name Renewal Status.
3. Update Your Header, Footer, and Legal Policies.

Quarterly Maintenance:
4. Make Test Purchases.
5. Test Out All the Forms on Your Website.
6. Fix Any Broken Links.

Monthly Maintenance:
7. Check for Security Updates.
8. Regularly Backup Your Site.
9. Test Your Website Speed and Make Necessary Improvements.

Weekly Maintenance:
10. Review Your Key Metrics.

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