Zadara Expands Storage-as-a-Service Coverage in AWS Cloud Seoul Region with Korea-based eBiztech

Zadara Storage, a provider of enterprise-grade storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions, has announced the availability of its Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) at the Korea Internet Neutral Exchange (KINX) data center in Seoul, supporting the newly launched AWS Seoul, South Korea, region. Zadara previously announced regional support following AWS Cloud expansion into Dublin, Sydney, Tokyo and Frankfurt.

Korean-based businesses and global companies with a presence in Korea who are leveraging the recently opened AWS Cloud region in Seoul can now benefit from Zadara Storage solutions being offered by eBiztech at the KINX data center.

This new offering builds upon an already “successful” business relationship between Zadara Storage and eBiztech. In August of last year, Korea Telecom began offering their own Storage-as-a-Service solution by partnering with eBiztech and Zadara Storage.

south korea cloud storage“We have seen excellent demand for the Zadara Storage solution in the Seoul market,” said Kevin LEE, CEO of eBiztech. “The Zadara VPSA is a proven solution providing pure OpEx, fully elastic, enterprise-grade storage as a service. We are pleased to be able to expand our offering to AWS Cloud users and data centers throughout the region. Our joint customers now have greater choices and more flexibility to build flexible, highly-available corporate storage solutions.”

Zadara Storage is available both via OPaaS (On-Premise as a Service) and through a wide range of worldwide cloud and colocation providers, including value-added relationships with Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure, Dimension Data, TelecityGroup, CloudSigma, and others.

“We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with eBiztech in the growing South Korean market,” said Dani Naor, vice president, international sales, Zadara Storage. “Our partnership has been extremely effective in delivering our award-winning VPSA solution to both AWS Cloud users and on-premise customers. With this new announcement, we are able to provide our joint solutions to a far larger segment of the region and enable customers to benefit from our award-winning solutions.”