Zadara Storage Debuts Its Zadara Cube Storage Array with AWS 1-Click Launch Interface

Zadara Storage, a provider of enterprise-grade storage-as-a-service (STaaS), has announced the launch of its Zadara Cube – a storage array based on Zadara’s VPSA Storage Array technology yet with the ultimate in simplified provisioning. Ordering and configuration are accomplished via an AWS Cloud ‘1-Click Launch’ interface, resulting in automatic, pushbutton creation of new storage instances.

“The addition of the Zadara Cube is yet another avenue for AWS Cloud customers to enjoy the power of the Zadara Storage Cloud,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara Storage. “Users can now choose the convenience of the AWS Marketplace to launch a Zadara Cube, or visit the Zadara Storage website to launch a full-featured Zadara VPSA block or file storage service, or a ZIOS private object storage service.”

zadara storageAs an added convenience, all Zadara Cube charges appear on customers’ AWS Cloud bills alongside other AWS services consumed. The consolidated bill means a one-stop shop for AWS cloud services, with a single monthly payment.

Available now via the AWS Marketplace in 7 regions (U.S. West, U.S. East, Dublin, Frankfurt, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney), the Zadara Cube comes in 5 varieties. Based on their needs, customers can choose between NAS (file-based) and even higher-performance, all-SSD SAN (block-based) arrays. Customers also have choices of usable capacity ranging from 1.6TB to 30TB. 

Every Zadara Cube includes a free, no obligation, 7-day trial and is compatible with Zadara’s On-Premise-as-a-Service (OPaaS) VPSA storage service for a complete hybrid cloud solution.

To experience the Zadara Cube, visit the Zadara Storage AWS Marketplace page here.

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