Zayo Announces Software Defined Wide Area Network Solution

Zayo Group has launched its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. This SD-WAN solution is an integrated extension of Zayo’s fiber-based IP/MPLS backbone offerings that would make enterprises’ networks easier to manage, improve performance and enhance reliability and failover options.

In today’s IT environment, enterprises would need to accommodate a growing number of users accessing the network from a wide array of locations with widely varying access options. Cloud-based enterprise applications add another layer of complexity. As a result, WAN management has become more challenging and resource intensive states Zayo.

Zayo’s SD-WAN would streamline WAN management and is available in both basic and advanced packages, including managed and unmanaged options. According to Zayo, the solution enables flexible, cost-effective location integration and service provisioning, incorporating MPLS, Internet and LTE into primary and multi-path configurations. Dynamic traffic steering would prioritize traffic at the application level to the paths available to deliver an optimal network performance. Zayo emphasizes that its SD-WAN solution integrates seamlessly with both Internet and IP-VPN connections to provide greater capacity and resiliency.

Enterprise Network

With the launch of SD-WAN, Zayo would enhance its portfolio of WAN solutions that already includes an array of IP and Ethernet-based solutions and managed and unmanaged solutions, to fit the customer’s network preference. Customers have portal access to monitor and optimize their traffic, down to the application level, or they can fully outsource the network management to Zayo.

“The WAN is one of the most critical components of any enterprise network infrastructure and can be complex and challenging to manage,” said Mike Strople, president of Zayo Enterprise Networks. “Zayo‘s SD-WAN makes WAN management easier and more efficient, providing better performance, flexibility and reliability.”