Zayo Hires New CTO from Telstra to Boost Network with AI and Automation

Zayo Long-Haul FiberAs part of its ongoing dedication to network quality, Zayo Group, a worldwide supplier of fiber network infrastructure, has appointed seasoned telecommunications professional Nikos Katinakis as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Under his direction, Zayo’s Service Delivery and Network Operations are anticipated to see significant improvements as he places a strong emphasis on using AI and automation.

Since 2022, the fast and widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation cloud, satellites, 5G, and other technologies has resulted in an exponential growth in the demand for bandwidth across Zayo’s connectivity technologies. The increased demand for network bandwidth would highlight how urgently strong network infrastructure is needed to fulfill growing demands. Nikos Katinakis was drawn to Zayo Group in large part because of the fiber infrastructure provider’s network leadership and continued investments in strategic areas.

Mr. Katinakis’s appointment would highlight Zayo’s commitment to providing best-in-class network service excellence. Katinakis brings network leadership experience from Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile network, Indian pioneer Reliance Jio, Canadian telecommunications giant Rogers, and infrastructure provider Ericsson. Through AI-driven solutions and extensive NOC advancements, Katinakis’ leadership is intended to propel the growth of network automation to increase overall service efficiency and Zayo’s customer experience.

“We are at an inflection point in technology, with accessible AI, 5G, and satellite connectivity reshaping how we work,” said Nikos Katinakis, the newly appointed CTO at Zayo. “My mid-term vision for Zayo is for us to deliver network infrastructure that’s easy to turn up and manage across edge, core and cloud, enhancing both connectivity and service. Ultimately, we aim to enable our customers to concentrate on their core business and not worry about transport connectivity, because they’ll have Zayo facilitating the creation of resilient and secure networks.”

Combining Network Expertise with Zayo’s Advanced Technologies

Nikos Katinakis
Nikos Katinakis

In order to meet future capacity needs and make its network simpler to use where and when clients need it most, Zayo Group aims to greatly automate both its network architecture and operational procedures under Katinakis’ direction. In 2024, Zayo Group plans to further automate its infrastructure operations, which would streamline clients’ network quoting-to-delivery experiences.

“Next-generation technology is being deployed faster than ever before. To meet increasing capacity demands, it’s critical to take an enhanced approach to innovation in the network,” said Steve Smith, CEO at Zayo. “Our strategic appointment of Nikos underscores Zayo’s dedication to advancing network excellence. His network experience and expertise combined with Zayo’s capabilities and automated technology will ensure our customers can meet – and exceed – connectivity expectations, now and in the future.”

Over 17.5 million fiber miles and 142,500 route miles make up the worldwide network backbone of Zayo Group. With the help of Zayo’s customized connectivity and edge solutions, carriers, cloud service providers, data centers, educational institutions, and businesses may provide reliable experiences across the cloud, edge, and core.