Zayo Launches Tranzact, a Platform for Buying and Managing Bandwidth Services

Zayo Group, a provider of colocation and bandwidth infrastructure services in over 295 markets throughout the US and Europe, has launched a new platform providing customers, agents, partners and resellers pricing and ordering anytime, anywhere. The customer platform, Tranzact, is designed to simplify the bandwidth shopping experience.

colocation-united-states“Tranzact engages our customers with a simple, intuitive platform,” said Hannah Wanderer, Director Tranzact. “Our platform development is driven by User Experience Design (UXD) allowing us to quickly release the features and functionality that our customers want most. We will continue delivering enhancements that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.” 

Zayo customers can quickly get pricing, place orders, and view existing and pending services through an ‘easy-to-use’ interface. When Zayo customers visit the Tranzact platform, they would be able to: 

  • Shop and buy Bandwidth services in 2 minutes or less
  • Browse over 70,000 worldwide locations
  • Search by building, location type, colocation facilities, and cloud hosting providers
  • Simultaneously compare prices across multiple products, speeds, and locations
  • Access Zayo’s network using the company’s advanced fiber mapping tool
  • Follow straightforward steps to add locations to quotes, even those not on Zayo’s network
  • View and manage existing services online
  • Access Zayo’s mobile ready platform
  • Use Live Chat to contact Zayo’s Tranzact experts

“Tranzact is like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” added Sandi Mays, SVP of Tranzact, IT & Billing, Zayo Group. “The Tranzact platform delivers Zayo’s extensive network to customers via an innovative shopping experience.”

Last month, Zayo launched its Connect to the Cloud platform, a program enabling connectivity to multiple cloud hosting providers and over 500 colocation facilities worldwide. The new program offers direct connect options to cloud hosting providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SoftLayer.