Zenlayer has recently announced the rollout of Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA). The ZGA is a network acceleration service that would significantly enhance interactive digital experiences for businesses serving globally distributed users.

Zenlayer developed this new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product to further its mission of improving digital experiences for organizations of all sizes, drawing on its extensive experience empowering global businesses through Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings and its massive global private backbone network

Businesses may now use this new service to accelerate apps, websites, platforms, and software in real time without having to provision or manage any infrastructure.

Software-Defined Network Platform

Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA) is an API-driven network acceleration service developed on Zenlayer’s software-defined network (SDN) platform. It would go beyond traditional acceleration services, allowing businesses to accelerate any type of application with a simple API call or web-based configurations, irrespective of the location. ZGA comes equipped with enhanced Linux Kernel and end-to-end protocol optimization and a flexible architecture that extends support to a various range of protocols from layer 4 to layer 7.

The announcement regarding the launch of ZGA came after the successful beta launch that was held in early 2021. Clients from various industries are now leveraging the new services like gaming, enterprise SaaS connectivity, video and audio conferencing, online education, live streaming, and e-commerce authentication and user access.

ZGA is based on Zenlayer’s full-mesh global network backbone, which automatically optimizes routes and links worldwide destinations in milliseconds. This reduces packet loss and helps to avoid public internet congestion. To optimize every data passing across the network, it uses patented traffic engineering techniques. It also connects to the finest local ISPs in difficult-to-reach areas like India, China, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.

AWS Marketplace

Photo Wang Rui, Manager of AWS Marketplace China and Technology Partners
“By adding Zenlayer into the AWS Marketplace, businesses of all sizes from enterprises to startups can now easily search, buy and deploy ZGA, and enable cloud native customer experiences on AWS,” said Wang Rui, Manager of AWS Marketplace China and Technology Partners.

Wang Rui, Manager of AWS Marketplace, said that Zenlayer and AWS have a common goal to grow their businesses in the emerging markets. He added that AWS is all hyped up to support Zenlayer’s global business and deliver access to ZGA via the AWS Marketplace.

Conclusively, he said that by adding Zenlayer into the AWS Marketplace, businesses of various sizes ranging from enterprises to startups can now easily search, buy and deploy Zenlayer Global Acceleration services and also enable cloud-native customer experiences on AWS.

David Xia, Chief Product Officer at Zenlayer, mentioned that businesses in the current times face a variety of challenges when connecting disturbed users to digital services. He further added that common issues include poor application performance, interruption during cross-border downloads, and synchronization across regional cloud servers. As an AWS ISV Accelerate Partner, Zenlayer also works closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to jointly improve the digital experiences of customers all over the world.