ZixCorp Launches Email Encryption Web Hosting Based Service for SMBs

Zix Corporation (ZixCorp), a provider of email data protection, has announced the commercial availability of its ZixGateway web hosting based email encryption service, enabling IT professionals in SMB companies to leverage industry-leading email encryption without dedicating resources to manage the solution.

ZixGateway Hosted is a policy-based email encryption service that automatically scans and encrypts outbound email that contains sensitive content. In a fully web hosting based environment, ZixCorp will manage the deployment and configuration of ZixGateway, along with all upgrades and maintenance.

Managed hosting providers

email-encryption-zixcorpZixGateway Hosted would integrate seamlessly with cloud hosting-based email platforms, such as Office 365 and Google Apps, as well as on-premise email platforms. The service is housed in ZixData Center, a facility with SysTrust/SOC3 certification, SOC2 accreditation and PCI Level 1, DSS V2.0 certification. ZixData Center has satellite data centers in Austin, Texas, and the United Kingdom. These facilities share service backup and distributed service delivery roles with the main facility.

Through the Partner Program, ZixCorp has also worked with managed hosting service providers (MSPs) to incorporate ZixGateway and other Zix Email Encryption solutions into MSP hosting offerings. ZixCorp currently has partnerships with more than 115 MSPs. The company is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol ZIXI, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.