Zokets Debuts Container Delivery Platform at DockerCon 2016

Zokets, a Silicon Valley-based startup and developer of a rapid deployment platform for container-native applications, is debuting its technology at DockerCon 2016 in Seattle, June 19-21. Highly scalable and resilient, the Zokets platform would allow enterprises to quickly and securely deploy container-native apps to either public or private clouds.

Offering granular control over data center resources, app instances and team assignments, the Zokets platform would ensure that DevOps teams can deploy and manage an infinite number of apps securely across private and public clouds. Post-deployment, Zokets would easily track applications so business processes can be enforced and compliance will be ensured.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the delivery of container-native applications,” said A.J. Hunyady, CEO and founder of Zokets. “Zokets molds the infrastructure for container-native applications to ensure that e-commerce, retail, financial and other enterprise applications can be quickly and reliably deployed to a desired cloud or combination of clouds.”

aj hunyadi zokets
“Our mission is to revolutionize the delivery of container-native applications,” said A.J. Hunyady, CEO and founder of Zokets, a Silicon Valley-based startup.

The Zokets platform provides an app-centric delivery platform that blends security, deployment and monitoring into one integrated solution. Through a “simple workflow and UI,” the platform would dramatically simplify container-native application management while addressing the under-the-hood, complex demands of security and infrastructure.

Whether an enterprise aims to deploy apps to its own cloud, to the Zokets cloud or employ a hybrid model, Zokets can be utilized as container productivity platform for next-generation apps.

Key product features of the Zokets platform would include:

  • Self-service model – fast and easy to define and compose container-native apps
  • App-focused design – enabling organizations to focus on applications instead of infrastructure
  • Multi-cloud integration – allowing seamless deployment of container-native apps across public and private clouds
  • Easy handoff between development and operational teams – simplifying overall application lifecycle management
  • Built-in scale and resiliency –ensuring that apps are continuously available in production environments
  • Security framework – for defining, controling and enforcing policies and access capabilities across apps, clusters and teams

The Zokets platform is currently in controlled availability. Those interested in participating in Zokets’ early access program should visit the Zokets website.

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