Aviz Networks Secures $4 Million in Funding

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Aviz Networks, a leading developer of software solutions for Hybrid Cloud & Edge Networks based on Multi-Vendor SONiC, has announced a $4 million seed round headed by Moment Ventures with participation from prominent network equipment vendors.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 40 percent of enterprises that manage big data center networks will employ SONiC in production environment. SONiC has quickly risen to the top of open-source network operating system (NOS) installations, stated Gartner. It would be the appropriate moment for private clouds in Data Centers, Retailers, and Telcos to use SONiC to modernize their network infrastructure because it would be the only open-source NOS that operates on switches and ASICs from all major vendors today.

SONiC deployments are rising, and SONiC just joined the Linux Foundation as a clear evidence of the growing momentum.

With its Aviz Certified SONiC program and an application-driven support strategy, backed by 24/7 availability of SONiC specialists, Aviz Networks would deliver a unified and consistent user experience across multi-vendor setups. Aviz has formed collaborations with all major switch and ASIC makers to provide clients with multi-vendor networks that are compatible. Aviz Networks is also driving SONiC adoption by integrating cloud-native and AI capabilities into the NOS application and introducing cloud-native and AI capabilities to hybrid networks.

“We are living in a world of disaggregated, platform independent applications running in the cloud, which are increasingly AI enabled. SONiC is the first-ever multi-vendor standards-based NOS and is a perfect environment to drive innovation in networking” said Vishal Shukla, CEO at Aviz Networks. “We are solving problems of orchestration, monitoring, and support across a multi-vendor ecosystem at scale. A leading web-scale enterprise customer that uses tens of thousands of devices sourced from multiple vendors is using Aviz’s SONiC Enterprise Suite to manage their SONiC fabric.”

Networking, Cloud, and AI Expertise

The Aviz Networks founding team would have a solid track record of cultivating developer communities and developing technology platforms that revolutionize business infrastructure, with backgrounds including Nvidia (Mellanox), AWS, and F5 (Shape Security). The team is led by Vishal Shukla, Co-founder and CEO, Chidambaram B, Co-founder and CTO, and Gautam Agrawal, Co-founder and CPO, who are in charge of product and marketing.

“The founders of Aviz bring tremendous networking, cloud, and AI expertise to meet the critical needs of the rapidly growing SONiC data center and edge ecosystem. We are proud to be working with them,” said Ammar Hanafi, Founder of Moment Ventures. “Aviz’s SONiC solutions can support the entire underlying hardware ecosystem and will make multi-vendor hybrid networks a reality.”