content delivery network explained

Do you have a lot of content, large files or video’s to be distributed? Then a CDN (Content Distribution Network) might be a solution to consider. Whether it’s about video, voice, file distribution (like software upgrades), or content for e-commerce, online gaming, or mobile applications, a CDN solution takes care of hosting your content closer to its users utilizing caching technology. The CDN accelerates the speed of your website. It ensures that latency levels are minimized and hosting errors are kept to a minimum, favoring reliability.

Many of the larger websites in the world already have a CDN solution in place. Until recently, not many hosting providers did offer a CDN solution, however. CDNs were offered mainly by CDN specialists, companies that have made it their core business. At this moment though, a growing number of hosting providers do have a Content Delivery Network, with enough Nodes and PoPs at strategic worldwide locations to deliver quality CDN services.