Deploying Elasticsearch in GKE with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

In 4 minutes (just 5 steps), easily deploy a multi-node Elasticsearch cluster in Kubernetes using Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK). Learn more:

Dan Roscigno from Elastic will show you how to get started – from deploying a k8s cluster in GKE, to deploying the ECK Kubernetes Operator, and then deploying Elasticsearch and Kibana. After launching Kibana and enabling monitoring you will see the Elasticsearch cluster scale from one to three nodes.

Follow along, or deploy ECK yourself. The quickstart docs are at

ECK is open code; dive into all of the details, read the design docs, and see what else you can do at

Interested in security? So are we; ECK bakes in years of operational experience into the Kubernetes Operator, so when the cluster is deployed a TLS certificate and good password are created and applied to the cluster, and all this security goodness is included in the Basic (free) license.

Duration: 5:24
Publisher: Elastic
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