Email Encryption Provider Echoworx Reacts to Security Fears over Brexit With AWS Cloud Installation in Dublin

Echoworx, an email encryption provider with its flagship encryption solution called OneWorld, has responded to the UK’s impending departure from the single market by setting up its smart messaging platform OneWorld on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in Dublin.

The installation has been fuelled by customers’ increasing demand for geographic jurisdictional security and would allow European businesses with UK operations the option to store and protect their data within European privacy law, regardless of the impact of Brexit. 

AWS Cloud Dublin is the first region to go live under this strategy. Echoworx has plans to add additional geographies as demand increases, with Latin America and Asia currently topping the expansion plans list.

OneWorld is Echoworx’s policy-based solution that would offer a simple way for companies to encrypt email communications and e-statements. The availability on AWS Cloud means encryption services can be delivered directly from the platform, providing customers with the flexibility and control to route their communications “securely” through one of 12 AWS Cloud geographic regions worldwide.

aws cloud“Jurisdictional security is fast becoming a top priority for our European customers. For those businesses with a UK presence, there are very real financial and operational implications of incoming UK-based policy,” said Alex Loo, VP of Operations, Echoworx. “The Investigatory Powers Bill, currently being debated in parliament, has the potential to cause significant regulatory and compliance headaches. By installing OneWorld on an AWS Cloud in Dublin, we are able to take advantage of Ireland’s highly favorable privacy laws and respond to our customers’ demands for more secure communications.” 

The AWS Cloud implementation is also a key development in Echoworx’s growth and on-going digital transformation strategies. The cloud environment would enable customers to deploy OneWorld as a fully customized communications security platform anywhere in the world, within a week. They would now be able to move their data “quickly and simply” from one geographical region to another, based on local demand.

“Utilizing AWS means that we are no longer restricted by physical environments or high-maintenance on-premise IT infrastructure,” added Mr. Loo. “It puts us in a far better position to focus all of our attention on maintaining the highest levels of customer service, while still supporting our customers’ needs for better and more secure communication with the outside world.”

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