Equinix Invests $55M to Build Its 3rd Data Center in Osaka, Japan

Equinix has announced an initial investment of $55 million to build its third International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Osaka, Japan. To be named OS3, the new colocation facility will further expand Equinix’s global footprint. The first phase of OS3 is expected to provide an initial capacity of 900 cabinets and more than 33,000 square feet (approximately 3,070 square meters) of colocation space.

Photo Kuniko Ogawa, Managing Director, Equinix Japan
“As a large metropolitan area with many global and locally based enterprises, Osaka has emerged as a significant market,” said Kuniko Ogawa, Managing Director, Equinix Japan.

At full buildout, this new Equinix IBX data center will provide 2,500 cabinets with a total colocation space of approximately 89,340 square feet (more than 8,300 square meters).

Directly connected to the Equinix colocation data center campus in Osaka, OS3 will provide a wide range of interconnection solutions, including Equinix Fabric – formerly Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric. Through this on-demand, SDN-enabled interconnection service, businesses can connect between their own distributed infrastructure and any other company’s distributed infrastructure, including some of the world’s largest network service and cloud providers on Platform Equinix.

Customers in Osaka can establish direct and secured access to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, et cetera, to address their needs of hybrid multicloud infrastructure.

“As a large metropolitan area with many global and locally based enterprises, Osaka has emerged as a significant market,” said Kuniko Ogawa, Managing Director, Equinix Japan. “In the past years, we have seen rising demand for secure, high-performance, and low-latency connectivity in the Kansai area. With our planned OS3 IBX data center, backed by our global footprint and vast array of services offered on Platform Equinix, we are set to expand our ability to bring together and interconnect the infrastructure that businesses need to fast-track their digital advantage.”

220 IBX Data Centers

Equinix OS3 IBX data center in Osaka
The new to build Equinix OS3 International Business Exchange (IBX) in Osaka

Today, the global footprint of Platform Equinix spans more than 220 IBX colocation data centers across 63 metros, providing digital infrastructure for more than 10,000 of the world’s leading businesses. In Asia-Pacific, Equinix currently has 46 IBX data centers in key metros across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Equinix has a national footprint of 13 IBX data centers across Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

Earlier this year, Equinix announced its intention to form a joint venture with GIC to develop and operate hyperscale data centers in Japan. The three initial facilities in the joint venture – one in Osaka and two in Tokyo – will serve the core workload deployment needs of a targeted group of hyperscale companies, including the world’s largest cloud service providers.

“Digitalization is no longer just an option, but a prerequisite for businesses to succeed. Equinix has always been committed to delivering a single platform which creates the foundational infrastructure to support customers’ evolving needs for digital infrastructure,” said Jeremy Deutsch, President, Equinix Asia-Pacific. “Our expansion in Osaka marks another key milestone in our ongoing plans to deliver Platform Equinix to more businesses in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. With our world-class infrastructure and solutions, we will continue to be the trusted partner of digital leaders by enabling them to seize the opportunity with agility, speed and confidence.”