European Data Center Construction Company ICTroom Goes Bankrupt


ICTroom, a European data center construction and service management company headquartered in the Netherlands, has filed for bankruptcy. After further strengthening its central leadership team and its management team in Belgium earlier this year, the company didn’t manage to keep the business afloat.

Founded in 2001 in the Netherlands, ICTroom had grown to become a European supplier of data center construction and service management offerings with its offices located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Paris, France; and Munich, Germany. To date, the company has built more than 250 data centers across Europe.

Its most recent organization expansion in Europe included the opening of its Paris office in November 2018, responding to IoT and edge driven data center deployment needs in this region. In the summer of 2018, ICTroom had expanded into Germany with the opening of their office in Munich.

ICTroom was operated through several entities including Onsite Projects B.V., NL Onsite B.V., and Nordics Onsite B.V. All these three entities, registered in the Netherlands, have been declared bankrupt.

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One of ICTroom’s most recent data center builds included a large-scale facility in Reykjavik, Iceland. The first phase of this facility was completed last summer.

One of its most recent data center builds included a large-scale facility in Reykjavik, Iceland, for RKF – a coalition of four Icelandic IT finance and real estate companies. The first phase of this data center in Reykjavik was completed last summer. It’s not clear however what will happen to the next phases, as ICTroom had planned to complete these next phases of 1-2 MW with timelines of 6-7 months.

Founders of ICTroom are Honoré du Puy and Sander Nieuwmeijer, who in 2007 even had the ambition to file for an initial public offering (IPO) at Amsterdam’s Euronext stock exchange. They were initially planning to use the IPO resources to undertake acquisitions, but later on they changed their minds.

The owners were not available to provide any comment. The bankruptcy trustee office has provided some information on the ICTroom entities that were declared bankrupt, although didn’t receive any details on the underlying causes of this bankruptcy.

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