From Legacy Mainframe to the Cloud: The Finnish Railways Evolution with Docker Enterprise

In 2016, Finnish Railways reservation system and many other systems were monolithic applications running on mainframe or local datacenters. They began a containerization project focused on modernizing the reservation system. The invest paid off. Today, they have containerized multiple applications, running both on-premises and on AWS today. That’s allowed Finland’s leading public transport agency to shut down a data center and become a technology innovator.

In this session, Finnish Rail will explain the processes and tools they used to build a multi-cloud strategy that lets them take advantage of geo-location and cost advantages to run in AWS, Azure and soon Google Cloud.

You’ll learn:
– How to implement a successful multi-cloud deployment
– What challenges you can expect to face along the way
– The processes and tools that are critical part of a successful project

Duration: 00:31:46
Publisher: Mirantis
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